The Oath by Ofole Mgbako

She danced under lemon trees,
Swaying to the melody of Miles’ Blue In Green,
Her short life filled with jazz and dreams,
Her fire spreading through the streets
Chasing away the darkness within me

She transformed her illness into art,
Her fear into shining diamonds,
Giving those like her a chance
To smell the mint of a new day
To know the longing of fading clouds

I watched the paints of her canvas,
Rushing down mountains of courage,
Inspiring new sorrow songs,
Imbuing my path with purpose

Then I lost myself in her winds,
Traveling high on waves of time,
Connecting to my past self,
Glimpsing my future in her honey-colored eyes

I take an oath rooted in her spirit,
Bathed in Hippocrates’ poetry,
To devote myself to her music
To learn the ark of her story
To widen the pools of my mind

I stare into a midnight river
Carrying strips of moonlight through the city,
Reflecting the hopes of a young healer first to heal himself,
To turn the world towards brighter dawns
To find truth in the opening of my heart

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